Can it be?
A blog post?

Yes ladies and gents a blog post.

Although I bet you are excited for my return, this return comes with some news.


This blog is being decommissioned. Yes you read that right. So much has changed in my life that I needed to start a new blog. So don't fret, I am still blogging, just not here. 

I know what you must be thinking 'But Lynnette where are you going? Whats changed?' and I have the answer to all your questions in due time. One thing I must say here though is I have loved this experience and it truly has gotten me to where I am today. Without it I wouldn't be starting this new blog and I wouldn't have the courage to do so. A lot has changed in my life and I hope I don't loose too many of you faithful and lovely readers.

I will always have this blog for the memories and to see where I was and how it shaped who I've become.

Now lets start a new adventure!

You can join me over at Moments with You
(the site is still under construction, since I am co blogging (sort of) so not much is there, but the about pages will give you all the info you need for now!) 


Inventory, Ads, and More

Molly and I are moving into our dorm tomorrow. I am super excited and will be picture happy. This school year will have new challenges for sure but nothing I am not prepared for! I’m trying to blog more and have a stable schedule but so far that isn’t working out.  This week is inventory at work and my hours are more than I can bare but that’s what it is. I had an interview for an on campus job that seems promising I’m just waiting to hear what they decided. I’ve also wanted to set up an account with Passionfruit Ads. For now the ads will be free and once my blog gets populated and frequent I shall charge a small fee. This will better everyone involved and won’t be unmanageable anymore. If you are interested just go to my sponsor page and everything from there is easy!

Thanks for stopping by 


Job Hunting

I’m looking for a second job. I wish it never came to that point but once school starts in just a few short weeks (I am excited) I won’t be getting as many hours during the week and I refuse to give up my weekends again (a girl needs a break and enough study time)

I’ve been spending my free time on the schools job site applying to anything and everything that works with my schedule and I will be attending the job fair on the fifth of September (dressed to impress and resumes ready!)

It is really crummy trying to find a job I qualify for in this economy, everyone is taking the small jobs because they cut the larger ones.

End rant

Insert something fun and upbeat that isn’t as depressing as job hunting and school and blah blah blah

Ps I have a surprise coming soon so keep checking back!


3 Months

3 Months? Has it really been 3 months?

Yes it has and yes I am aware of how lacking my blog has been. I opened it today and thought oh my, who would want to follow this thing! It looks so dark and sad and just awful!

Therefore I announce another complete redesign

I realize I redesign my blog way more than most but I have yet to find one that truly takes my fancy and makes me happy. I’m sure once I find a great design I’ll want to blog more, or maybe I’m just too busy with my life. Whichever it is I want to get back to it. I have many ideas for the upcoming school year and I promise (yes I also realize I promise a lot) that I will post at least once a week. I owe my small band of followers that much at least

Thanks for sticking it out with me!


Set and Design

I have one last load to move to my apartment but other than that everything is over there, I really mean everything all that’s left in my dorm is me, some blankets, and a few outfits (a few meaning two)

Now that things are there it is in desperate need of some fun. I have a plant (to be named later) and that helped but it’s drab and somewhat sad. I’m thinking a new comforter and some wall art!

Here are a few things I’ve been looking at to add to my new place

Candles would definitely make it feel warmer, and I love this idea to make them more me

Framing quotes and creating the removable picture thing will work perfectly, my adventures are never ending and I’d love to change the pictures to my moods!

This bedding is bound to brighten up the place and I love owls!!

I'm going to have tons of fun this summer~