In Search Of

I sat down about an hour ago, wanting to write a blog post and (drum roll please)
Not A Thing!
I continue to sit here wanting to write about anything that would please and give you all a glorious painting to the wonderful life that is mine (ok not so wonderful)
I wish I could give fabulous advice for someone who stumbles upon my page by chance and hear they read those words they so desperately were searching for to make them feel better about whatever it is that they are going through. I feel immense joy when I can make someone’s day, make them feel like everything is going to work out. Isn’t it funny how we can do that to others but when it comes to ourselves we fall short?
I’m falling short, so short in fact that I’ve deteriorated back into that lump of no hope and unhappiness
(isn’t that the worst)
So I am fighting for myself again and doing all the things I enjoy (I am acquiring an xbox soon, check for that post later, wink)
Although blogging isn’t coming back as easy and maybe that’s because its so much of me, and since I am not entirely me yet, this may be the last thing that will come back after I fully recover. So for now I’ll post when I can about things I want and hope that one day I’ll stumble upon that one blog that will have the words I so desperately need.
I think a nice phone call with my mother is needed (wink) Hope all is well to you out there, whatever you’re going through, hopefully you are not as alone as you may feel.

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  1. Hey sweets...since I know you're up regardless of what time it may or may not be I thought I'd drop by. I loved your post and I think a talk with Mama would be wonderful. You've been on my mind a lot lately...I've just been working too much to write. {lame friend excuse I know} Meanwhile I tagged you in a post..come see, it's just for fun :)